Fully automatic screen printing machine with sheet feeder

Flatbed machine with 4-post system, especially designed for fine line pattern printing on rigid and flexible material.

Standard features:

  • more stable sheet position alignment by a combination of feeding belt running speed control and vacuum type
  • sheet alignment table
  • sensor + vacuum type alignment table side register, detecting edge of substrate by 0.001 mm resolution sensor
  • one side operation system (printing plate position, squeegee and flood-coater pressure adjustments)
  • precise gripper system – tail side gripper device, also suitable for thicker substrates
  • as printing unit and feeder are driven independently, it is easy to add other equipment such as a cleaning unit
  • squeegee and flood-coater are quickly and easily attached
  • umerical indicators for several adjustment area
  • vertical, synchronized frame lift-up with high precision by 4-post system
  • creen frame move back to horizontal position
  • precise printing head with lift-up
  • bigger size touch panel for easy operation and setting of the numerical controlled components
  • wider delivery belt for stable substrate delivery to a dryer, a separate cross-over stand for drying is not required
  • front pick-up feeder (independent operation)
  • 600 mm wide step (operation side)
  • including ea. 1 set of squeegee and flood coater

Optional equipment:

  • CCD camera sheet alignment system
  • CCD cameras for plate positioning
  • squeegee height zero position setting device (manual)
  • dripless squeegee (swing type)
  • skew squeegee device
  • twice printing system
  • cleaning roller unit (Techniclean)
  • static electricity eliminators
  • double-sheet detector (mechanical / ultra sonic)
  • sucker nozzle timing change for thick and hard material
  • 600 mm width step for drive side

Technical data:

max. printing size

800 x 585 mm

max. sheet size

800 x 600 mm

min. sheet size

350 x 270 mm

- with optional CCD system

420 x 270 mm

substrate thickness *1

0.1 – 3 mm

max. substrate weight

1.0 kg

max. outer screen frame size

1100 x 1000 mm

min. outer screen frame size

760 x 660 mm

max. printing speed*2

1000 p/h

- with optional CCD system

650 p/h


7 kw


3965 mm


2148 mm


1550 mm


approx. 3800 kg

Subject to technical modifications.
*1 depending on substrate and printing conditions (3.0 mm – optional arrangement is needed)
*2depending on substrate conditions
*3 free standing control box excluded